Professor Bharadwaj, M.A., Ph D., Founder, Managing Trustee of Karnataka Haridasa Scientific Research Centre, is a distinguished academician. He has been continuously in the teaching profession for now over 40 years. One of the top-ranking economists / econometricians/ methodologists in the country, Professor Bharadwaj has many notable contribution to his credit.
He has authored many books including Managing limits to Growth and papers which have won acclaim from India and abroad. He has also been the initiator of the Structural Method' - an alternative methodology forged in response to the deepening methodological crisis in education.

Professor Bharadwaj had held, and is holding, high public positions. He was an expert Consultant at ESCAFE, UNDP, UNAPDC, UNEP, ESCAP, World Bank and may United Nations bodies

Professor Bharadwaj has been the All-India coordinator for Curriculum Development in Economics at the invitation of the University Grants Commission. Under his supervision/direction, several surveys, projects, workshops, seminars have been conducted both in the University and outside. He was a member of the Executive Council of the University of Bombay. The Indian Econometric Society and Indian Economic Association, and Indian Academy of Social Sciences. The Indian Econometric Society, the All India Professional body of Econometricians, at its Annual Conference held in Bombay for the year 1989-90 elected him Unanimously as the President. Currently he is the President of Input Output Research Association

Prof. Bharadwaj's research interests are not confined of Economics alone. He has been stressing the ultimate importance of education in human resources developments.

The Structural Society of Aesthetics founded by him in 1968 uses theatre as a medium to propagate the philosophy of the "Flowering of the Individual". As the initiator of the Structural View of Aesthetics and Structural Method of Drama, Professor Bharadwaj has contributed innovatively to the dramatic idiom. His plays have been hailed as pacesetters.

After Bertolt Brecht and
Stanislavasky, Prof. Bharadwaj is the only theatre person who has forged his own method of theatre based on the Structural Approach. An innovator, who has been hailed as a trial blazer. Prof. Bharadwaj has been hailed as the doyen of modern Indian experimental theatre. A number of plays written by him have been successfully staged in villages, metro cities and overseas. These performances have effectively portrayed the extremely subtle, artistic works of the professor and the basic social concerns of these plays. Several students of Prof. Bharadwaj are using the Structural Method in their theatre activity. Hundreds of theatre workshops have been conducted at school, college and University levels. Recently Prof. Bharadwaj was invited to Canada to hold a workshop at the Drama Department of University of Saskatoon.

Prof. Bharadwaj is recognized as an efficient stage designer. The stage craft exhibition held at the J.J Institute of Applied Arts Gallery, Bombay attracted immense critical appreciation and professional praise from artists and art lovers. The critics lauded the novelty and the meticulous stage designing done to the perfection. A consummate actor Prof. Bharadwaj is also a singer and director. His contribution Sampada Tarangini testifies to his musical creativity. Besides, Prof. Bharadwaj is a poet and an excellent story teller.
Prof. Bharadwaj's philosophical contributions have been widely appreciated. His works on Haridasa, has won him a title Scientist Philosopher. Especially his works on the methodology of Haridasarus, 'The study of the Methodological Contribution of Haridasarus of Karnataka", Published during World Kannada Literary Conference by the Government of Karnataka in 1983 testifies this. Thus he is authority on Haridasa Literature.

His lectures fusing science and spiritualism are widely popular. He has been conferred the title Pravachana Chakravarti by the Akhila Karnataka Haridasa Sammelana-1998. A past President of Dwaita Vedanta Studies and Research Foundation. He has been conferred with the Dhruva Award - 2002 for his contribution to Indian philosophical thought.

Professor. Bharadwaj has always taken a scientifically and ethically founded independent attitude towards societal problems in his writings, talks and plays.