In the educational programmes of KHSRC, Fine Arts occupy a very important place. The School provides training in Indian classical arts such as dance, drama painting and music. A special feature of the school is its emphasis on folk arts, especially the form of 'Katha-Kathan' or the 'Keertan' system.

The school also conducts short-term Certificate/Diploma Courses in various branches of Fine Arts apart from imparting regular training on a long-term basis. Hindustani, Karnatak, Devotional and Light Vocal Harmonium, Casio and Guitar are also taught. Painting and related art programmes are conducted. Yoga and Karate are also taught for physical fitness. Every year during the Summer and Dasara vacations, occasional training programmes in various forms are conducted exclusively for school children. Theatre has always been a strong point of the school. Employing the Structural Method several facets of theatre are explored.

Prof. Bharadwaj has been hailed as the Doyen of Modern Indian Experimental Theatre.
Scores of Plays written by him have been successfully staged in Mumbai, Bangalore, Guntakal, Chennai, Goa and Ahmedabad. These effectively portrait the societal issues.

They are extremely subtle and artistic. Several students of Prof. Bharadwaj are using the Structural Method in their theatre activity. Hundreds of Theatre workshops have been conducted at school/college level, even to the postgraduate students. Recently Prof. Bharadwaj was invited to Canada to hold a workshop at the Drama Department of University of Calgary.

We may list the following innovative theatre experiments:

Techniques of effective performance on different types of stages such as arena, thrust, intimate and proscenium.

Explorations of novel thematic and representational ideas.

Experiments along Transnaturalism as a theatre technique.

Organizing stage craft exhibition through stage models embellished with lights, sets, décor, and scaled miniature characters.

Conducting theatre Workshops, Education Theatre and Experimenting on different modes of One Person drama technique.

Theatre Music and the incorporation of classical, folk and modern dance technique in drama.

Comparative study of several Schools of theatre such as, those of Aristotle, Plato, Brecht, Stanislavsky and Bharadwaj.

In India the theatre schools teach both Germany's Bertolt Brecht's and Russia's Stanislavasky's Drama methods. They also teach Bharata and Indian Rasa experts. Since he is a thinker of international repute, his ideas are widely discussed. He is often invited by leading theatre organizations like National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) - Mumbai, Prithvi theatre - Mumbai. In his unique theatre method, Prof. Bharadwaj combines the tradition and modernity in terms of a common thread. The logical precision and the artistic perfection are presented in his plays. Indian philosophical thoughts and traditional theatrical experiments get new way of presentation.

The school conducts training programmes at several levels. The school also designs and conducts special programmes to specific group such as physically challenged section.