Prof. Ranganath Bharadwaj- HOD- Department of Theatre

The Structural Society of Aesthetics founded by him in 1968 uses theatre as a medium to propagate the philosophy of the "Flowering of the Individual". ". As the initiator of the Structural View of Aesthetics and Structural Method of Drama, Professor Bharadwaj has contributed innovatively to the dramatic idiom. His plays have been hailed as pacesetters.
After Bertolt Brecht and Stanislavasky, Prof. Bharadwaj is the only theatre person who has forged his own method of theatre based on the Structural Approach. An innovator, who has been hailed as a trail blazer. Prof. Bharadwaj has been hailed as the doyen of modern Indian experimental theatre. A number of plays written by him have been successfully staged in villages, metro cities and overseas, like Mumbai, Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Guntkal, Chennai, Goa, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc,. These performances have effectively portrayed the extremely subtle, artistic works of the professor and the basic social concerns of these plays. Several students of Prof. Bharadwaj are using the Structural Method in their theatre activity. Hundreds of theatre workshops have been conducted at school, college and University levels. Recently Prof. Bharadwaj was invited to Canada to hold a workshop at the Drama Department of University of Saskatoon.

Prof. Bharadwaj is recognized as an efficient stage designer. The stage craft exhibition held at the J.J Institute of Applied Arts Gallery, Bombay attracted immense critical appreciation and professional praise from artists and art lovers. The critics lauded the novelty and the meticulous stage designing done to the perfection. A consummate actor Prof. Bharadwaj is also a singer and director. He has practiced Hindustani classical vocal for more than eight years. His contribution Sampada Tarangini testifies to his musical creativity. Besides, Prof. Bharadwaj is a poet and an excellent story teller.

Mr.Surya Bhat

Mr. Subraya Bhat is an actor, writer and a director. He has been practicing the Structural Method
of Theatre under Prof. R. Bharadwaj for the last four decades.

Mr. Bhat has secured his Diploma in Drama from Rangabhoomi, Mumbai and is the first one man performing artist of the Kannada stage and has performed three hour one- man shows in Kannada and Hindi. He has performed in several plays in many theatre companies such as IPNA and INT. He has also conducted many theatre training programs both in India and abroad and is known for conducting workshops for physically challenged children. Apart from receiving the ‘best play’ awards at cities like Chennai and Mumbai and several National and state level awards, he has also earned titles like ‘Abhinaya Chatura’, ‘Kala Dheera’

Vid. Yogita Kulkarni - Head of Department of Dance

Vid. Yogita Kulkarni, Head, Dance Department of the Structural School of Fine Arts, has breathed just Dance, Theatre and Fine Arts all her life. Having completed her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Bharatanatyam from Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai and being blessed by a Guru like Vid. Kanak Rele, Mrs. Kulkarni has fine tuned her dancing capabilities to a higher level. A beautiful blend of both theatre and dance has helped her to excel in understanding body language and transform that into a form of dance. She has served as the HOD of Bharatanatyam in the Sangeet Abhinay Academy and as a dance faculty in Nalanda dance research centre, both in Mumbai for 5 years. She also has a lot of achievement such a performance based on classical fusion for DD Sahyadri Network to her credit. She has choreographed classical and contemporary dances for dancers and amateurs of different age groups and has gained appreciation. She has also choreographed the dance movements for the children of Sanjeevani, an NGO for street children. Her knowledge in folk dances like Lavani, Indian Martial Arts like Chhau and other Indian classical dance styles add a few more feathers to her embedded throne.
Apart from the extensive work and research in dance, she has shown her complete involvement in theatre. She has worked under renowned directors like Pt. Satyadev Dubey and Chetan Datar of Avishkar. She was a part of the Marathi adaptation of the ‘Mid Summer Night’s dream’, which was performed at Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. She holds a keen interest in experimental choreography, light , set designing and Dance Drama Choreography.
Mrs. Kulkarni has worked in the Amar Soundarya School, which has inclusive education and she specially deals with differently abled children due to her skills in dance therapy. Presently she is serving as the Dance faculty at Delhi Public School, apart from her service as the Head of the Dance Department in the Structural School of Fine Arts.

Kum. Akshara Bharadwaj - Assistant Faculty

Akshara was chosen and blessed by the Lord himself for she was born to Prof. Ranganath Bharadwaj, a very well known theatre person, singer and an artist. Stage, lights, performances and make- up was never new to her. She has showed her interest in Western Dance, Karnatic and Hindustani Music, Theatre, Odissi, Kathak and many other art forms, but Bharatnatyam is the closest to her. She started imitating footwork to the beats of the ‘Nattuvangam’ at the tender age of 2 and started her formal training at the age of 5. She has passed the State Government Bharatanatyam Exam with a distinction and also passed the Junior Exam in Karnatic Vocal Music.  She directed and choreographed ‘Chiguru’, a program organized by the Department of Kannada and culture department at the age of 14.

She has performed Bharatanatyam and contemporary dance recitals and dance ballets. She has taken part in plays like Naatakkarana Naataka Naatakadalle alve, Badainor Badadaatadalli bokkasa bolaitu, aaru mangagalu haagu orva maanava and the latest kannada experimental play ‘Vrukodara Vruttanta’ , in which she even choreographed the war sequences.

She has performed in cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Chennai etc, inTV channels like Zee Kannada, Udaya and Chandana and in fests like IIT, Deccan Herald, Times of India, Hindu, ISCKON and Pradhyumnateertharu’s aaradhana. She has performed folk dances like Goan, Garbha etc. Akshara has been choreographing for dance and drama shows in both, her school and college. Her dance choreography for the felicitation of the well- known poet Sri G.S. Shivarudrappa as part of the MES Kalavedi is just one example.  She recently performed for the cultural evening of the 46th Econometric Society Conference at Jammu University, Jammu.

She is currently pursuing her under graduation in Journalism Major from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

Kum Soukhya Aithal - Assistant Faculty

Soukhya was born into this world with the keenest of interest in dance. Showing her grace and dedication at a very tender age of 3, she was put to a formal training in Bharatanatyam in the Kalakshetra style. She has been learning since then from many Gurus. She stepped into the Structural School of Fine Arts to be one of the senior most dancers of the Institute. She has shown her leadership qualities, choreographic skills and her complete involvement in all the shows organized by the institute. She has directed and choreographed a dance show called ‘Chiguru’, for the department of Kannada and Culture. She has also performed folk styles like Suggi, Goan, Garbha etc. She has passed the State Government Exam in Bharatanatyam with excellent results. She has choreographed and performed in many contemporary dance pieces from the Institute and has performed for Zee Kannada, Chandana and Spiritual fests like ISCKON, Pradhyumnateerthara Aaradhane etc. She has choreographed and performed in Prof. Bharadwaj’s experimental Kannada Play, Vrukodara Vruttanta and has gained appreciation.
She holds keen interest in specializing in choreography and executing off- stage production responsibilities.
Ms. Aithal has pursued her Masters in Statistics from the Bangalore University and is currently serving the The Structural School of Fine Arts as a faculty member.

Vid. Sanchita Lahoti

Sanchita lahoti hails from Kolkata. At the age of six she started learning Kathak at Nupur Zankar under the tutelage of Guru Smt. Shila Mehta, a renowned exponent of Kathak. Sanchita showed an exceptional potential and talent from the beginning. As a result, she earned her junior diploma, Senior diploma as well as Sangeet Prabhakar from Prayag Sangeet (Allahabad University). She earned another senior diploma from Trailokya Sangeet Parishad (West Bengal) & also obtained Sangeet Bhushan diploma in Rabindra Sangeet. Later attending Pt. Birju Maharaj’s workshop helped Sanchita to add refinement and skill to the dance form.

Having received titles like Natya Mayuri, Natyasri, &  Visista Vanitha Puraskar ’09, she has given a number of stage performances such as, Shankar Nirtya Utsav, Meghani, Janmasatabdi (Kolkata), Nisha Gandhi dance Festival, (kerala), Vysakhi Dance Festival 2008 (Visakhapatnam), Kathak Nirthya Lahari & Indian Institute of World Culture (Bangalore).Hampi Utsav , Mysore Utsav,Nirtya Bharati dance Festival (Hyderabad ), Air Force day, International Dance Featival 2009 Savanah, GA, USA etc. Her performance in Kathak Yatra on DD national channel was highly appreciated. She has also conducted a workshop on Indian culture through bollywood in Georgia Southern University & Chicago, USA in Aug – Sept. ’09.
Having a keen interest in Choreography, apart from performance, she has choreographed for compositions such as Rabindranath Tagore’s Chitrangada, Abhisaaar  & Rituranga, which was presented for Ankur at Kolkata. Her dance choreography & presentation for the Green Wave Centre for Visual Arts saw a blend of folk and contemporary dancing.

Mr.Naresh Patil

Mr. Naresh Patil has been teaching Western and Bollywood dance in the Structural School of
Fine Arts for over five years and has performed in western, contemporary and folk dance shows
of the Art School.
He has been trained under veterans like Shiamak Davar, Bollywood Choreographer and many
other cine choreographers. He has performed in dance shows across the state and has performed
in TV reality shows like ‘Dream Girls’, ‘All dance reality show’ and ‘The Show’ in channels like
E Kannada, Zee Kannada, Kasturi etc,. He has taken part in many shows from the Institute and
is a part of Prof. Bharadwaj’s experimental Kannada play, Vrukodara Vruttanta, where Naresh
has choreographed and performed.
He is the recipient of many titles such as Suvarna Nruthya Shree, Nruthya Manjari, Nruthya
Mandara and Nruthya Gandharva.

Kum Apoorva Tadkod

Naresh is assisted by Apoorva. A talented and a beautiful dancer, Apoorva’s forte is Bollywood,
though she is as graceful in Salsa, Contemporary, Hip hop, folk and belly dancing. She is an active member of many different activities of the Institute and as an interior designer by profession, she involves herself in the on- stage and off stage activities for different dance and
theatre shows. She has been a part of Prof. Bharadwaj’s plays and has performed across the city.
She is also a kick boxer, so the students seem quite obedient!




Mr. Jagdeesh

Mr. Jagdeesh started his guitar training first in The Structural School of Fine Arts and has also been trained under various other Guitar Masters. He is a Western Classical Single Style Guitarist. Jagdeesh was a part of many bands like ‘Final Stroke’, a heavy metal band, and is one of popular Guitarists of the city. In fact, he is considered as the fastest finger in the Bangalore Guitar Arena today. He has learnt Metal and rock from Benhur Kamran and advanced theory from Konark Reddy, the well known Jazz expert.

VID. Kamala Murthy

An engineer by profession, Smt. Kamala Murthy has done her Vidwat in Karnatik Music.
She has proficiency in singing both Hindustani and Karnatik Classical Vocal.


Vid. Mahadeva Rao has been our Violin Faculty for over a decade now.
Vid. Mahadeva Rao is a civil Engineer by profession and works with the Brigade Towers. He
has practiced violin from T. R. Mahalingam Academy and has accompanied several well- known
singers at Music recitals.


Mr. Ravi has also served the Institute as a Karate faculty for over a decade.
Son of Vijay, a well- known Stunt Master of Kannada Films, Ravi is a black belt III DAN from
World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Seol, Korea. He is a national coach and a referee.