This Diploma covers the entire field of Bharatanatyam. Right from basic items to the natuvangam and aspects of choreography, this diploma concentrates on a person or dancer- to make him/ her a full- fledged dance performer as well as a choreographer.
As an art includes everything, that is, sculpture, painting, music, theatre and the arts alike, it is very important for a dancer to have knowledge of all the arts. The study of philosophy, aesthetics nurtures his knowledge and maturity. A dancer should be broad minded and always curious to know about other forms of performing arts. Also, a dancer should know the perfect technique and content of his own art.
As Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form it follows certain rules and regulation. It follows the text called ‘Natyashastra’ which was written by Bharatamuni. Ones a dancer knows all these rules, he gets a different point of view to look at any art form. The vision is broadened and you are ready to accept innovations or to innovate yourself.
This particular Diploma gives a chance to the dancers to study the art thoroughly and provides a vision for innovations.

Couse Syllabus and Content
Year I :

Practical Oral Theory -  Abhinayadarpanam Theory Music
Alaripu (tisra) Asamyuta hastas (with uses) Indian epics Basic svaras
Kautvam Abhinaya Techniques of Bharatabatyam Natuvangam
Shabdam Anga, Pratyanga, Upanga Classical Dance styles/ History  
Shloka- 1 Padabedha Indian folk dances  
Vachana- 1 Gatibedha    

Year II :

Practical Oral Theory Theory
Alaripu (misra) Samyuta Hastas (with uses) Natyashastra
Shloka- 1 Devatahastas Sculpture & painting
Vachana- 1 Navagraha hastas Religion & Philosophy
Ashtapadi Bandhava & Jati hasta Musicology
Varnam Dashavatara & Nritta hastas World Dances
Western Ballet
South- East Asian Dances
Kirti/ Kirtanam