Short Term Courses

 i) General Training.

1. Work culture
2. Personality Development.
3. Human Process Lab.
4. Discovering Professional Potential and Creatively Contributing.
5. Understanding Evolving India.
6. Decision Making.
7. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance.
8. Management - Mind and Attitude.
9. Understanding Business Environment.
10. Paradigm for Reflective Thinking.
11. Team Building.
12. Interpersonal Relationship.
13. Managerial Skills.
14. Planning and Administering.

ii) Language and Communication Skills.

1) English
2) Hindi
3) Kannada
4) French
5) German
6) Public speaking
7) Group discussion
8) Boldness and Memory

iii) Art and Culture - Theatre :

1) Method Drama.
2) Method of Aristotle.
3) Method of Brecht and Bharadwaj.
4) The Structural Method of Theatre.
5) Performing methodically.
6) Impact of the performance on the participants.

iv) ABACUS :

Abacus is one of those devices that are constantly taught to the children for centuries and it seems that its importance may never end in this ever-changing world. solves the basic arithmetic problems with so much ease and reliability that it is still taught in the various parts of this world in this modern day.


This course prepares students for the BANK PROBATIONARY OFFICER RECRUITMENT and BANK CLERICAL RECRUITMENT exams for all the banks. The course includes numerical ability, test of reasoning, General English, Computer Basic Awareness and General Awareness (GK) modules are covered. Faculty include certified teachers and instructors from SBI.


The Institute conducts Spoken English, Spoken Kannada and Spoken Hindi classes. French and German classes have also started.