Long Term Courses

Diploma in Integrated Haridasa System:

Haridasas are folk philosophers of Karnataka. They had a particular view of the phenomenon, which if translated in modern mathematical medium will be isomorphic with the structural method. Students are taught the Haridasa system and are encouraged to pursue along those lines any empirical study of their own interest and prepare a thesis. On evaluation, if the thesis is found it, there will be an open viva voce examination, on completion of which the diploma will be conferred on the student.

This course has been designed for those who would like to play with ideas and explore in the world of ideas. Students interested in developing managerial capabilities are encouraged to pursue this course. The course helps participants to evolve their own unique model of living. Essentially the programme helps those who are interested in exploring new ideas and experimenting along uncharted terrain. This is an interdisciplinary programme consisting of literature, science, mathematics, logic, computer skills, art and culture.

Diploma in Structural Method and its Applications:

This diploma aims at training and providing a critique to the Newtonian Approach to empirical investigation. It studies the various fallacies of the system. It also provides training in the alternative structural method evolved in the institute. After learning the method the student is given the freedom to work on a problem of his own choice or field of specialization and prepare a thesis. If on evaluation the thesis is found fit and the student clears the examination, both in the writing of the thesis as well as the viva, the diploma is conferred on him